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Are all mouthguards essentially the same?

Although these devices will all be similar and will all work on the same basic principals, there are 4 main types of mouthguards that are in common use.

The standard or "stock" mouthguard might be the least expensive and is a generic type and size. It is sold commonly in sporting good stores and is simply used in the form that you see in the package.

If you would prefer a better fit you could consider the boil and bite variety. This type is made from a material that will be very pliable when heated and if you place it in your mouth when it is still warm, it will assume the shape of your mouth as it cools.

It is also possible to purchase a custom made mouthguard that is prescribed and fitted by a dentist. There are two basic styles in use today. One will fit exactly into the shape of your mouth as it is made from a mold created by your dental professional. The second type is similar but is created by a special vacuum machine to yield superior results.

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