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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry allows the apprehensive patient who may have had a traumatic dental experience to receive oral care treatments in a relaxed atmosphere. Oral health procedures can now be performed with relative ease for the patients with dental phobias and high levels of anxiety. Another benefit to sedation dentistry is that many procedures can be taken care of in one visit.

Some of the best candidates for sedation are patients with extreme dental fear and dental phobias, patients who have had previously bad oral health visits, people with a bad gag reflex, people with extremely sensitive teeth, people who need complex dental work, or people who have difficulty responding to numbing and freezing. Also, sedation dentistry patients may include people who dislike the smells and sounds of the oral health facility, people who hate the tastes of the products being used, people who are embarrassed about their teeth, and people who have needle phobias.

The procedure for a patient requiring sedation means the patient will be provided with a small pill to take one hour prior to their oral health treatment. Due to the relaxing effects of the drug, the patient will require assistance in arriving to our facility. When the patient arrives they should be significantly drowsy and will be escorted into their treatment area where their vitals can be further monitored. This drug will work very fast in creating an atmosphere where the patient will be completely relaxed, yet still responsive.

As well as establishing a nice environment for the patient, sedation dentistry can allow the patient to withstand multiple treatments in one oral health visit. You can be in a relaxed state for as many as two to six hours. The level and time within a relaxed state will invariably depend on the type of treatment required and the type of anesthesia used.

The patient should full recover from any impairments due to the medications and should feel quite refreshed the next day.

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