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Teeth Whitening

Whitening is arguably the most exciting advancements in oral health technologies in the history of dentistry. It has offered patients a simple alternative and speedy way to lighten and brighten teeth. This cosmetic enhancement can have dramatic effects on patients' self-esteem and given them a more attractive and healthier appearance. Teeth can be the most noticeable part of the face other than the eyes during a conversation. The movement of our lips and the sound of our voice elicits attention to our mouth when we speak.

Results have shown that teeth whitening is effective on 99% of patients, however, there are certain instances when the teeth whitening gels have no effect. Often the best results are attained on clients with a yellowish hue to their teeth. Patients who have multiple colour bands, tetracycline stains, or grey hues may have limited results.

There is no definitive predictable end result colour as the level of cleaning will vary from patient to patient. Bright white is generally not achievable as am end goal, but making your teeth a few to several shades lighter is a very reasonable goal.

A whitening system is a painless treatment that utilizes a chemical reaction to break stains down to lighten dark, stained teeth. The three main types of whitening systems with two options able to be done in office and one take-home system.

ZOOM! whitening - power bleaching can be accomplished through the use of strong whitening gel in combination with the ZOOM! light. They work together to gently penetrate the teeth, breaking up discolouration and stains. Results can be seen within one to three hours, but the process may require an additional session, as results may vary between patients.

Laser Whitening - whitening with a laser is very similar to ZOOM whitening but a specialized laser light is instead used to activate the whitening gels. Results come quickly and can be seen within one hour.

Home Whitening - the home whitening system might be the safest method to whiten teeth and is less expensive than the in office treatments. It is executed with the use of soft customized oral trays made from of clear acrylics. There will be a tray for each of the arches upper and lower. The trays need to be filled with a special whitening gel and placed over the teeth leaving them in for at least 30 minutes to 4 hours per day for up to 14 days.

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