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What does Root Canal Pain feel like?
There are certain symptoms that are commonly felt amongst the population that will give you a better idea on whether you will need a root canal or not. Some of these can include: 1. Biting Sensitivity 2. Sensitivity to Hot or Cold 3. Gum ... Watch Now
Tips on Flossing
Everyone should floss at least once a day because most toothbrushes will leave some food in between your teeth. It is important to go below the gum line when you are flossing. However, you need to be very careful when flossing. After you are ... Watch Now

Nightguards can help with Teeth Grinding
There are many different products that can help with teeth grinding. A typical nightguard can be all that you need. However, always make sure that you consult your Dentist before choosing a nightguard. A nightguard that doesn't fit properly ... Watch Now
Teeching Kids how to Brush their Teeth
One good way that can help you teach your kids on how to brush their teeth is to be very hands on. Start by giving your child a demonstration on your teeth. Then you should have your child attempt to replicate what you have just demonstrated. ... Watch Now

What are some alternative to Partial Dentures?
There are a few alternatives to getting dentures. Your dentist will always know what will be best for your individual case. The partial denture is made by the dental technician. One alternative is a dental implant. The implant is screwed ... Watch Now
Advantages to using Gold Dental Fillings
At most dentists you will have the option of choosing a gold filling. There are quite a few reasons why you should at least consider gold. While gold costs more to begin with, it typically never breaks down or corrodes and thus will generally ... Watch Now

Pocket Formation caused from Periodontal disease
Periodontal disease usually stems from an excessive build-up of bacterial plaque. Thise disease can lead to bone loss and/or tooth loss. It is currently the number 1 cause of tooth loss in adults. If you think you may have a periodontal ... Watch Now
Periolase Dentistry
Periolase method of treating gum disease has changed gum therapy in may ways. First, it has shortened the length of time necessary for gum therapy. It can also drastically reduce patient discomfort. Regular gum surgery generally takes place ... Watch Now